PFE Technologies – Excellence in Abrasives, Sealants, and PU Foams

PFE Technologies is an established supplier and distributor of high quality abrasives, sandpaper, acrylic sealants and silicone sealants, amongst other products. Established in Singapore in 1978, PFE is the exclusive distributor of European brands such as Soudal and Klingspor, and has its own range of Pereseal sealants and Vogel abrasives.

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Pereseal Sealants

Pereseal acrylic sealants and silicone sealants

Our Pereseal range of sealants represents excellent value and outstanding quality, engineered to be used in the most demanding applications. With a wide range of acrylic sealant and silicone sealant products to suit every sealing requirement, Pereseal provides top quality sealing solutions to a broad market – which includes the construction industry, professional tradesmen, and the DIY home-user.

As a Singapore brand with over 35 years of acclaim, the secret of Pereseal’s success is in the simplicity of its principle – to provide top-quality sealants and provide great service to achieve enduring, lifelong customer satisfaction and relationships.

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Klingspor Abrasives

Klingspor abrasives

Klingspor‘s made-in-Germany abrasive products are excellent, high-quality products made to meet the requirements of even the most demanding applications. Established in Germany and developing abrasive technologies since 1893, Klingspor stays ahead in the industry with its premier quality, outstanding technical assistance, knowledgeable personnel and highly efficient shipping and logistics.

As Klingspor’s exclusive distributor in Singapore, PFE carries a wide range of coated and bonded abrasives, including sandpaper, rolls, belts, mops and mop discs, grinding discs and cutting off wheels. With the facilities to tailor our abrasive products to suit every customer’s specific technical requirements, PFE is committed to providing the outstanding Klingspor value and service to end-users in the aviation, maritime and manufacturing industries.

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Soudal sealants and foams

Soudal silicone sealants, PU foams, MS polymers

Soudal is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of sealants, PU-Foams and adhesives, established in 1966. Soudal is a strong brand internationally, serving professionals in construction, retail channels and industrial assembly and has 45 years of experience with end-users in over 130 countries worldwide. With 11 manufacturing sites on 4 continents and 35 subsidiaries all over the world, Soudal ensures optimal technical and logistical support.

PFE Technologies represents Soudal in the Southeast Asian region, and carries made-in-Belgium high quality Soudal silicone sealant, polyurethane foam, polyurethane sealant and the Soudal Fix All MS polymer products in Singapore.

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Vogel Abrasives and Polishing

Vogel abrasives and acrylic sealants

Vogel has been supporting the Singapore industry for over 20 years. With a full range of bonded abrasive products, Vogel’s focus is on consistently outstanding quality at a superb price point to bring the best value to smart businesses and factories. Being a long established Singapore brand represented by a reputable Singapore company, Vogel has become a badge of quality in an industry fraught with unreliable products.

Vogel products include polishing compounds and materials for mirror finishing; abrasive discs and wheels for cutting and grinding applications; and acrylic sealants. Manufactured to stringent quality standards, Vogel provides good value with quality, cost-effective products.

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