All New PFE Technologies Website at

We’re proud to announce that our new website is now live! PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is now also available at

This new website brings about a better user experience, and much more information, in terms of product details, technical information, and application guides.

In addition, better browsing options is now available. You can now look at our entire product catalogue in one page. Also, besides searching for products by brand, you can look at our range of products in subcategories such as the full range of silicone sealants or acrylic sealants, and by properties.

This current website at will still remain operational, but we recommend for best results to start using the new site.

Happy browsing!

Vogel abrasives website

All new Vogel website

Our Vogel brand has been supporting the fabrication, manufacturing, marine, and aerospace industry in Singapore for over twenty years. As our very own brand established back in the 1980s, the main vision of Vogel was to create a reputable abrasive brand that has consistently high quality, while providing outstanding value. Vogel has since then become a name synonymous with reliable performance and exceptional abrasive power for the range of bonded abrasives, in the form of grinding discs and cutting wheels.

Vogel now has its own website at – this site is a small offshoot from PFE Technologies, to further represent and enhance our brand and bring the meaning of our mission and vision to anyone trying to find a reliable, dependable brand of abrasives. You can expect more information, technical guides, a very detailed FAQ, and the positioning of our brand in the website.

Vogel – quality that gives you confidence.

New Soudal PRO40P Packaging

PFE Technologies Pte Ltd is proud to announce that we are carrying Soudal Pro 40P with the new packaging!

Soudal PRO 40P is a polyurethane construction adhesive that has outstanding adhesion, especially to wood and timber, with excellent water resistance. It has been tested and classified under the DIN EN 204 and WATT 91 standards, and has been a mainstay adhesive product in our PFE Technologies range due to its versatility, ease of use, and superb adhesive performance.

Soudal has updated the PRO 40P packaging, not just aesthetically but also adding great new features!

  • Easier application – the new cap design makes it even easier to apply
  • Better storage after opening – expect to be able to store the product for a longer time after opening
  • Enhanced ergonomics – the shape of the bottle now fits better, making it easier to hold and use

To find out more, go to the product page, or give us a call.

Happy bonding!

PFE Technologes has successful fair at BuildTech Asia 2014!

PFE Technologies is proud to have participated in Singapore’s construction fair, BuildTech Asia 2014 last week! Organized by Sphere exhibits and hosted by BCA (Building and Construction Authority of Singapore), the fair was an excellent platform to exhibit and demonstrate our high quality, high effectiveness products.

On display were our Pereseal range of Made-in-Singapore sealants, particularly showcasing our brand-new redesigns and our large range of acrylic and silicone sealants suitable for a wide range of applications, including anti-fungal silicone sealants for use in sanitary applications in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as our fire-rated acrylic sealants.

Soudal had a prominent presence as one of our brands, showcasing to the construction industry the advanced-technology, high-efficiency products from Belgium. Of particular interest to most visitors was our extremely versatile, easily workable, eco-and-health friendly product, Soudal Fix All. Doing live product demonstrations, many visitors were instantly impressed and already convinced of the effectiveness of the Fix All range of Soudal SMX hybrid polymer products. In addition, PFE Technologies was on hand to introduce the Soudal PU foam range, also doing onsite live demonstrations to show visitors how to use and handle PU foams, and what to expect in an application.

Klingspor’s range of abrasives also had an prominent place in the exhibition stand, and PFE Technologies was actively showing off the range of cutting and grinding discs pertinent to the construction industry.


PFE Buildtech Asia Exhibition booth

PFE Booth



We would like to thank the visitors who took the time to visit our booth and learn more about our products, and we hope to see everyone again soon!

PFE Technologies participates in BuildTech Asia 2014 on 14 to 16 October!

BuildTech Asia is the region’s leading trade show for the building and construction industry that addresses the challenges of building and construction across different industries. Hosted by BCA, this exhibition focuses on new and efficient construction technologies.

PFE Technologies is proud to be participating as part of the Singapore pavilion, showcasing our high quality, made-in-Singapore Pereseal sealants, as well as our technologically advanced Soudal range of sealants, PU foams, adhesives, and Fix All Hybrid Polymer sealants. We will be located at Hall 4, Booth F18.

We warmly invite you to visit us at our booth and get to know about our upcoming products! For more information and for pre-registration, please visit the BuildTech Asia website at

Key Details

BuildTech Asia 2014
14 – 16 October 2014
Singapore Expo
PFE Technologies
Hall 4
Booth F18


We look forward to seeing you there!

New Pereseal Packaging

In our efforts to improve the entire Pereseal user experience, we have updated the product packaging for the entire range of Pereseal products. Our commitment to quality will always remain, at its core, technical; but we aim to improve our overall brand image by enhancing designs and achieving a higher level of consistency.

These product packaging designs will be changed gradually, so you may encounter receiving a mix of old and new packaging. For more information, always feel free to contact us.

To see the new packaging designs, check our all-new pereseal website at or take a look at our Products page.

Happy sealing!

The All-new Pereseal Website

Our Pereseal brand has been a mainstay of our product range offering quality, reliabiliy and outstanding value. As our own homegrown brand, we are able to offer true flexibility and accountability for our Pereseal products.

As a brand with over 30 years of history, it was time for our Pereseal range to have an upgrade. And upgrade is what we did – with all new designs, three new products, and a whole host of new materials. Showcasing our new Pereseal brand is our new Pereseal website at

Pereseal website - Expertise in sealant technology - Silicones and Arylic

The new Pereseal website landing page

Happy sealing!