Sealant coverage

[table caption=”Sealant coverage” width=”600″ colwidth=”75|75|75|75|75|75|75|75″ colalign=”center|center|center|center|center|center|center|center”]

3,33.3 m,20.0 m,10.0 m,6.6 m,5.0 m,4.0 m,3.3 m
5,20.0 m,12.0 m,6.0 m,4.0 m,3.0 m,2.4 m,2.0 m
10,10.0 m,6.0 m,3.0 m,2.0 m,1.5 m,1.2 m,1.0 m
15,6.0 m,4.0 m,2.0 m,1.3 m,1.0 m,0.8 m,0.6 m
20,5.0 m,3.0 m,1.5 m,1.0 m,0.7 m,0.6 m,0.5 m
25,4.0 m,2.4 m,1.2 m,0.8 m,0.6 m,0.4 m,0.4 m
30,3.3 m,2.0 m,1.0 m,0.7 m,0.5 m,0.4 m,0.3 m


  • based on 300 mL cartridge
  • joint length and width are in millimeters (mm)
  • coverage are measured in linear meter/s (m)
  • this chart shows the approximate sealant usage without wastage